Telling the stories of the world, and bringing everyone to their highest potential.


Our Mission

We strive to be a guiding light to empower the world towards growth and enlightenment through the power of play, empathy and innovative technology- brought to you by the many faces of diversity.

At North Star Stories, we are committed to the art of visual story telling. We understand the potential and power of a well-crafted idea. We shepherd projects from their concept through their completion. And our collaborative style fosters creativity through every step of the developmental process. From reviewing your vision; to conceptualizing the overall purpose and impact of the project; to coding and scripting, along with art and animation; to launching your project to the appropriate platform. Our operation is as inclusive, diverse, and vibrant as the stories we help to tell.

North Star Stories is at the forefront of the mobile gaming and application development industries in regards to educational gaming. Their dedication to quality and care for their work is astounding, powerful, and captivating- this team is on the right path towards making the world a better place.
— Dr. Laverne Carter, REESSI

What We've Achieved

  • Assisted REESSI in developing their vision towards the creation of the ME Games- an educational platform striving to intervene at-risk youth from a lifestyle of personal downfalls, and instead directing them to better themselves and their futures.
  • Rapidly prototyped the first phase of the ME Games project- resulting in a perfect reviewing score from the National Institute of Health.
  • Educated young and old minds on the process of game development.
  • Collaborated with internationally successful game development studios, including zGames in Belarus.
  • Developed multiple serious games with the intent of bettering lives of generations to come.
  • Created the viral game Dog Save the Queen, with the objective of promoting animal welfare education. North Star Stories is dedicated to the goals of advocating for spay and neuter programs, donating to reputable animal rescues, and helping dogs get adopted into loving families- all through a fun and engaging platform of games.